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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Oct 31, 2011 11:16am
Forum: occupywallstreet Subject: Re: Tea Party Movement vs Occupy Wall Street Movement

Your first video of choice is a peaceful TPM rally
the demonstrators march and sing God Bless America
What actually happened at the West Palm Beach Tea Party Protest on 4/14/2009. No racial slurs, no arrests, no offensive signs, no exposed genitalia, no fake blood, etc. Pretty boring, but a world away from how it as portrayed by the media and windbag pundit celebrities who should not breed. -- Producer: NoiseCollector
My first video of choice is a peaceful OWS rally
the demonstrators march, dance, and play drums
Supporters of Occupy Wall Street staged a massive demonstration in Times Sq. on October 15. The New York City Police Department seemed to make the demonstration as difficult as possible. The side walks were fenced off with few entrances and exits. If you were on the side walk the Police would not allow you to stop walking to take pictures, or video. The center promenade was divided into a series of cages, many were for police use only. Tourists, New Yorkers, as well as Demonstrators were enraged by the police caging them like animals, and not allowing them to cross streets at intersections, or walk around freely. After three weeks of beating, macing, and arresting peaceful demonstrators, people are beginning to question the police's motives. The Police Department just received 4.6 million dollars from J P Morgan Chase, one of the companies that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are protesting. Corporate America has bought our government by paying for politicians election campaigns. Are they now buying our police departments? What did they give them that money for, and what do they expect in return? -- Producer: John J. Coghlan


the Tea Party Movement is a Politcal Movement
The Tea Party movement (TPM) is an American populist political movement that is generally recognized as conservative and libertarian. TPM has sponsored protests and supported political candidates since 2009. It endorses reduced government spending, opposition to taxation in varying degrees, reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit, and adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.
the Occupy Wall Street Movement is not a Politcal Movement
Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is an ongoing series of demonstrations in New York City based in Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district. The protests were initiated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters. They are mainly protesting social and economic inequality, corporate greed, corruption and influence over government — particularly from the financial services sector — and lobbyists. The protesters' slogan, "We are the 99%", refers to the difference in wealth between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population.

The original protest began on September 17, 2011, and by October 9, similar demonstrations were either ongoing or had been held in 70 major cities and over 600 communities in the U.S. Internationally, other "Occupy" protests have modeled themselves after Occupy Wall Street, in over 900 cities worldwide.
pics or reports of OWS protesters with guns? Zero! Homeland Security would have gone ballistic on them!

pics of TPM protesters with guns? Here's a bunch!

No Homeland Security arresting TPM protesters with guns. Why not?

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Nov 1, 2011 12:10pm
Forum: occupywallstreet Subject: Re: Tea Party Movement vs Occupy Wall Street Movement

I can tell you the reason for the contrast... I left early to go to a night class, most of the other people went home shortly after because they had to go to work to feed their families and cannot afford to camp out and live on the streets while their kids, jobs, and pets die by themselves.

If tea party protests lasted for more than a few hours they would have similar problems, but more like a neal diamond parking lot than a 2 live crew lot scene like you got there with your skinheads and cair and all sorts of diametrically opposed people.

Interesting stuff.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Nov 1, 2011 8:19am
Forum: occupywallstreet Subject: Re: Tea Party Movement vs Occupy Wall Street Movement

Nice post, fair and balanced... oops... my handler Rupert and my overlords the coke brothers will have my head for this.


There was one annoying guy who thought I was with DHS or something but aside from that most people were fairly civil.